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These are a Few… Part 2!

29 Jul

Last Friday, I wrote a post about a few of my favorite things; here’s part 2! Three more random things I love include…

My Nook

For Christmas this past year, my fiancé got me a Nook, & I love it! I love the convenience & portability of an e-reader; I’ve been able to take it with my everywhere this summer to keep myself occupied as I was forced to play the waiting game on many occasions!


Currently on my Nook? The Hunger Games & the current issue of Shape magazine!

The Kennedys

Nerd alert! Ever since a family vacation to Cape Cod in the Summer of 2006, I’ve be fascinated by the Kennedys!


My family & I were on a boat tour that took us near the Kennedy compound, & then we went to the JFK Hyannis Museum where my interest was really peaked! If you don’t know much about this family, & you’re a “history buff,” I’d suggest doing some research – there are some good stories behind this family! Here are a few pictures from our peek at the family’s land:

Kennedy property Kennedy property

Kennedy propertyObviously, they don’t let people get too close! 😉



I think I mentioned this in a post a while back, but I went to the University of Delaware & loved every minute of it!

UDel Delaware was the perfect fit for me. It was close to home, but not too close. The campus is beautiful & centered around an adorable Main Street. And of course, there was lots of yummy food readily available (which I’m sure is the case at most colleges). I attended UD from 2004-2008, & was an active member of Alpha Sigma Alpha sorority – such a fun time!

Where did YOU go to school?


These are a Few…

22 Jul

I ended up sleeping in until about 8:00 this morning, which is actually sort of late for me, even though it’s summer vacation! I guess walking around New York City in 100* heat yesterday really took it out of me. When I woke up, I headed to the gym & completed an elliptical workout, varying the incline & resistance. I also did a quick arm workout when I got home in a last-ditch effort to tone up my arms a bit more for the wedding!


Since I’ll probably be eating leftovers from yesterday, I figured I’d share a few of my favorite things with you all since I’m relatively new to blogging & this might help you get to know me a bit better. I’ll list a few today, & perhaps do a few additional posts with more of my random favorites, & trust me, they are random!

First up…

Iced coffee! (source)

Iced Coffee!

For some reason this is all I have been craving after my AM workouts; especially from Dunkin Donuts! As I said in this post, I pass a Dunkin Donuts on my way home from the gym, which doesn’t help my situation! I try to limit my iced coffee purchases to 3 a week so that I don’t end up spending $2.43 every day on my habit! $7 a week doesn’t seem too outrageous, does it?!


My favorite bag

My Gucci handbag!

I’m a purse girl all the way; I’ll always take a new purse over shoes! This bag is extra special though, because I purchased it at the Gucci store on Rodeo Drive in Los Angeles. Chris & I went on a trip there in December of 2008, & he encouraged me to purchase the bag because he knew I would love it even more having bought it at that store! And he was right! It was a big “investment,” (calling it that makes me feel better) but I get a lot of use out of it & I’m always reminded of our fun trip together! 🙂

Chris in CA      LA Me in CA

Last up (for today’s post anyway) are…


The Phillies!

Even though I enjoy working out, I have never been an “athlete” & stink at pretty much every sport I attempt! I was never really a big fan of watching sports either. Over the past few years, however, Chris has cultivated a love for the Philadelphia Phillies within me! If you remember, I even showed you all my prized Ryan Howard bobble head in this post! I knew it was “true love” when I started watching the games without Chris! I’m truly a baseball convert!


Chris & I will be attending a wedding this evening; Chris is in the wedding party actually! So I’ll be re-capping that in a post tomorrow. (We have a wedding to attend next weekend too, then it’s our turn!)

Hope everyone is having a great start to the weekend!

What is one of YOUR favorite things?