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Home Stretch

24 Jul

We’re in the home stretch of wedding planning, so expect to see a lot of wedding stuff on here in the next 13 days! 🙂

This morning began as all other Sundays, with church. Afterwards I had a few (wedding) errands to run… Target & Hallmark!

Last night, my mom & I ate at Applebees, & I had some leftovers, so today for lunch I had the rest of my quesadilla burger – a burger with Mexi-ranch sauce with pico de gallo & shredded lettuce. Served in a pepper Jack & cheddar quesadilla. I also had a few leftover fries on the side. It was pretty tasty, even if it was a day old! 😉

Leftover lunch Burger Next on the agenda was the seating chart.

Ready to organize For some reason, I’ve been dreading this task most out of everything that goes into the wedding. It wasn’t too bad, but creating an Excel spreadsheet & double-checking everything before we send it off to our graphic designer, Kristin, was a bit tedious. I’ll let Stewie sum up how I felt when all was said & done:

Playing dead        Rub my belly! Finalizing everything took a good portion of our afternoon, so when dinner time rolled around, my parents decided to order out from a local place. I saw baked spaghetti on the menu & thought it sounded interesting. A lot of places around here give you bread & a salad when you order a meal, so it turned out to be a rather large dinner.

Lots of food! I ended up eating a very small portion of the spaghetti & the entire serving of garlic bread (it was good!) & now I have leftovers to enjoy for lunch tomorrow! 🙂

Leftovers Now it’s off to go over my “to do” list for the upcoming week & hopefully relaxing for a bit.

Hope everyone has a good start to the week! 🙂

What’s your favorite thing to order for take out?


Ready to Go!

21 Jul

After today, I feel completely ready to go for the big day! Of course there are still things to get done, but I had my second dress fitting, & the dress fit perfectly (with the exception of a tiny bit of additional hemming – I’m short!) & it made me so excited to wear it for a whole day, rather than just a quick half hour! I can’t wait to share it with everyone after the big day.

I took lots of pictures, so let’s get going with today’s recap, shall we? 🙂

We arrived in New York City around 1:00 & my appointment at Kleinfelds was at 2:00. I was with my sister, Corinne, & one of my bridesmaids, Sara. We decided to pick up a quick bite to eat at Telegraph Cafe in Chelsea. My mom, sister, & I actually ate there when I first said “yes to the dress” last year! I went with 1/2 a caprese sandwich – tomatoes, mozzarella, & avocado with an Italian dressing! It was a scorcher in NYC today, so I only went with a 1/2 sandwich since I didn’t know what I could handle in the heat. I also enjoyed an iced tea on the side. Oh! And I have to share that today was my first time trying avocado, & I really, really liked it!


Next was the fitting, & I think I’ve summarized pretty well how that went! It made everything much more “real” to have my dress on & to have it fitting without clips holding it together! We took a few commemorative pictures outside of the store, as our final pick up will probably be our last visit there! (Until my big sis walks down the aisle at least! ;-))

Sara & I        Corinne & I

Next, we were on a mission – a very hot, sweat-dripping-down-your-face mission… cupcakes!!! My first Crumbs cupcake was had back in February when Chris & I went to New York to see American Idiot on Broadway. Why are these stores so inconspicuous?! I had difficulty finding the store both in February & today (different locations), but the hunt is so, so worth it! (I know both Tina & Gabriela can vouch for how amazing these cupcakes are!)

Cupcakes! We’ll get back to these later…

We had finally had enough of the heat, & caught the train that would take us back to Trenton, then we’d hit the road back to PA. Of course we had to end our day with a dinner stop, & where better than The Cheesecake Factory? I started with a piece of their yummy bread with some butter.

Bread & butter For my entree, I chose the 4 cheese pasta. I have no idea why I always seem to choose this there – it’s obviously something I could make at home – but of course it’s much more delicious when someone else makes it for me! Also, after our sweaty trek around the city all day, I was really craving carbs. And carbs I consumed!

Pasta bowl the size of my head! Sara & I Corinne

Of course, there were some leftovers for lunch tomorrow!

Doggie bag Finally, it was time. Time to dig into one of those big cupcakes that had been staring me in the face all afternoon! I had bought 4; I still don’t know why, because I can’t imagine eating 4 of these very rich cupcakes in the next few days, but stranger things have happened…

I decided to go with the “Happy Birthday” cupcake — “vanilla cake mixed with rainbow sprinkles filled with vanilla butter cream mixed with rainbow sprinkles topped with vanilla cream cheese frosting edged with rainbow sprinkles and yellow rosette in the center.”

I cut myself half, because I certainly ate a very rich dinner! It was so, so, so good!

Cupcake Cupcake

Cupcake All gone!

And with that, I’ve got a perfectly-fitted wedding dress, a full tummy, & several reasons to hit the gym hard tomorrow morning! 😉

Enjoy your evening!

Is it H-O-T where you live?!

I can’t complain because I love summer & much prefer being hot to being cold!

Too Hot to Shop

18 Jul

Happy Monday! First up, here’s a round-up of this weekend’s posts, in case you missed anything…

It’s a hot one in the Northeast today & it’s only going to get worse as the week goes on. I’m hoping it’s not in the 100* range for my wedding, but I have a feeling that August might not have been the safest bet for that! 😉

I hit the gym first thing this morning for what I thought was a pretty difficult elliptical workout. This is what it looked like:




0-2 2 2
2-5 5 4
5-8 10 8
8-10 7 6
10-12 11 9
12-14 7 6
14-16 13 10
16-18 7 6
18-20 15 11
20-40 Repeat 0-20 Repeat 0-20
40-42 5 5

This was definitely challenging & sweat-inducing! Anything over 13 resistance feels like you’re walking in quicksand. Afterwards, I finished up with a quick 10 minutes of incline walking.


I was on a mission to find a cute, white dress for my rehearsal/rehearsal dinner this afternoon. I hit up the Philadelphia Premium Outlets & got to work! I ended up finding a dress at the Ann Taylor outlet that was originally $198 & I walked out of there only paying around $60 for it… score! It was on clearance, but luckily they had my size. What do you think?


It was too hot to shop for much longer, so I headed home & dug right into my Chipotle leftovers from yesterday.

I took the “insides” out of the burrito, & added some pepper Jack cheese from last week’s quesadillas.

Cheesy! I popped it into the microwave for a few minutes, mixed everything together, then topped my bowl with some plain Chobani & salsa, along with crumbled up tortilla chips.

Toppings!All mixed together…

Mixed & messyThis was a very filling lunch! I actually ended up falling asleep afterwards, I was so stuffed! 😉

Because of my little unplanned nap, my to do list still has some items that need to be checked off for today. Better get moving!

What’s the last great deal that YOU got?

Groundhog Day

17 Jul

Today felt a little like Groundhog Day; it was pretty much the same as last Sunday!

First up, breakfast (full of my usuals), church, then the errands began with Chris!

We made a quick stop at Bed, Bath, & Beyond before we decided to stop for lunch at Chipotle! I had only been once before, & if I’m remembering correctly I got one of their burrito bowls, so today I decided to go with a regular ‘ole chicken burrito!

This baby was about the size of my head!

Burrito! It was so good, but very filing. I ate about half, & saved the rest which I’m planning to incorporate into lunch tomorrow; I love leftovers! 🙂


I loved Chipotle even more after reading their “Food with Integrity” commitment on their webpage. Check it out here!

After our lunch, Chris & I headed to a local department store to pick up one last curtain rod we needed for the apartment, & Target for a desk & desk chair. (Yes, I’ve been to Target 3 times in the last 3 days… help me!)

As I was ironing curtains (at one point I looked at Chris & proclaimed “I hate this!”) & Chris was hanging curtain rods, I snacked on some salt water taffy that Chris’s aunt brought home from the shore.

Taffy! It was the perfect snack for such an awful “chore”! Needless to say, all of the curtains are finally hung. The last few things we need to do for the apartment include assembling the desk, & finally hanging our decorations.

Having the entire month of July to move in has been both a blessing & a curse. It’s nice to be able to take our time with everything, but I get to the point where I just want things to be done. Hopefully this week I’ll start moving some clothes in & it will finally start to feel like home! 🙂

Just like last Sunday, pizza was on the menu for dinner! (I could eat pizza for dinner every night & probably not get sick of it!) This week, we got a Sicilian pizza from a local place, Nepa’s Trattoria. This is seriously the best Sicilian pizza! See for yourself:

Yum! Now I’m off to enjoy the last few hours of the weekend. I’m hoping to start The Hunger Games & watch one of my favorite reality shows, Big Brother. It’s going to be a busy week, so I’ve got to get my relaxation in while I can! 😉

Do you have any “big events” this week?

I go for my 2nd (& hopefully last) dress fitting in NYC on Thursday!!! 😀

The Waiting Game

8 Jul

I’ve become very good at waiting this week!

First, there was the furniture fiasco, which, by the way, has all been squared away! That required two days of me pretty much hanging out in the new apartment, waiting for time to pass.

Today, I had to wait for the cable & internet guy to come get us all set up. Thinking back, it would have been wise to get the cable & internet set up first to make the other waiting a little more bearable! Live & learn! 😉

Before heading to the apartment this morning, I made a quick pit stop at Target. I love Target & have convinced myself that there is some sort of hidden vortex at the store entrance that sucks you in & doesn’t allow you to leave without spending at least $20!

After purchasing my goods (yes, over $20 worth, so I was free to go!) I picked up an iced coffee at Starbucks.

Because neither Chris or I are really living in our apartment yet, we have no food & I need to pack my breakfast & lunch from home!

I enjoyed the iced coffee with a Thomas’ Cinnamon-Raisin English Muffin & a banana. It hit the spot!

Breakfast      Breakfast

I had a little more unpacking/dishwashing/laundry to do today, but we are pretty settled in. Now, onto the “cosmetic” stuff – curtains, wall decor, etc. And we need a new desk, too!

I spent a good portion of the afternoon organizing all of my school documents on my computer! I’m usually a pretty organized person, but things get out of control during the school year & I created quite a mess for myself!

I took a break for lunch & enjoyed pizza leftovers! My mom went out to dinner at a restaurant called Austin’s last night, & brought me back a personal flatbread pizza. I chose the Roasted Tomato & Basil – Thin crisp pizza brushed with garlic, topped with mozzarella cheese, tomatoes & basil.

Pizza Leftovers

Because I had quite a few samplings of yesterday’s “cookies,” I didn’t have much of an appetite for the pizza in the evening, which ended up being a good thing because the leftovers were pretty delish.

Eventually the cable/internet guy came, got us up & running, & I was free to go home to my little pug!

Stewie   Not quite sure what’s on the agenda for tonight, but relaxing sounds pretty good to me! Enjoy the start of your weekend! 🙂

Two Questions…

Leftovers – love ‘em or leave ‘em? I love leftovers! Easy, convenient, & sometimes even tastier the second time around!

Are you a patient person? I definitely am not!


6 Jul

Thirty-one days to go until the big day! Exactly one month from now, I’ll be married! 😀

Today started out a little later than usual. I slept until 9:00, which is the latest I think I’ve slept all summer so far. First thing on the agenda was taking the pooch to the vet.

Pug! No vet!    After that, I had to run a wedding errand – a quick stop at the bakery to get the details on our wedding cake! I found a picture on The Knot that we’re using for inspiration. I don’t want to give away details of the appearance, but the cake itself is going to be a mix of chocolate cake with raspberry filling & yellow cake with lemon filling… yum! 😉

After the bakery, it was time for some food! Today’s lunch was simple… half a peanut butter & jelly sandwich (yes, I’m 5!) with a blueberry Chobani & some leftover fruit salad (which I sadly think is on it’s last leg).

Lunch       Lunch

After a few other wedding “to-dos” & trying (unsuccessfully!) to figure out the furniture situation, I finally headed to the gym.

Since it’s summer break, I have really been enjoying going to the gym in the morning! It was difficult to drag myself there this afternoon, & it will be hard to start going in the evening once school starts again. I wish I didn’t leave for work at 6:30 every morning & could squeeze an early gym session in, but that’s not happening!

Today’s Workout

  • Elliptical (30 minutes)
  • Incline walking (15 minutes)

As I was working out (& watching Keeping up with the Kardashians reruns) I started thinking about what I wanted for dinner. Nothing from home sounded appealing, so I stopped at the grocery store for a salad. I’ve been trying to watch my spending on food, but was happy that this salad came in at under $4! Can’t beat that! 🙂

Dinner     In This Salad:

  • A mix of romaine, spinach, & (very peppery) arugula
  • Broccoli
  • Cucumbers
  • Shredded cheese
  • Eggs
  • Southwest chicken
  • Crunchy noodles

I topped the salad with some fat-free ranch, which I wasn’t expecting much of & turned out not to be too bad!

Off to hit the showers & find a snack! 🙂

(Sort of Random) Question for Tonight: What’s your favorite reality show?

I just started watching Keeping up with the Kardashians a few weeks ago, & wondered why no one told me how awesome it is! I also love Big Brother which starts up again tomorrow!

Skinny Fat

5 Jul

Let me preface this by saying I did not intend to be posting so late! We were supposed to get furniture delivered to the apartment between 1:30 & 4:30, & let’s just say… it didn’t happen. 😦 But anyway… onto the important stuff!


Did anyone else catch Rachael Ray this morning? I always DVR her show during the school year, since I’m not home to watch it, but I’m able to catch it live every now & then during the summer. The very first topic discussed on the show was interesting… the concept of “skinny fat.”

Essentially, a guest doctor studied two different women… one who was categorically “obese” but was very physical active & another who was very thin, but claimed to eat very unhealthy & rarely exercise. You can find a brief summary of the segment here.

I love stories & information like this. Skinny does not always equal healthy. You can lose weight by consuming 100 calorie packs for every snack, but that doesn’t make those foods good for you & your body. (That’s not to say I don’t enjoy a 100 calorie pack every now & then; just trying to make a point! ;-)) Now of course I’m no expert, but I’d rather eat real foods that I crave, & work out to maintain a healthy weight than simply eat diet food for the rest of my life.

I always need a snack when I come home from work, & up until recently, I would try & choose something I thought was “healthy” (insert rice cake consumption here). However, this would do nothing to satisfy my hunger. Now, since I’ve been more conscience of my eating, I’m more inclined to have an apple with peanut butter. Which is higher in fat & calories? The apple & peanut butter! But which is “real” food & is actually what I’m craving? Again, the apple & peanut butter! Eating good food that my body craves stops me from going back to the snack cabinet & consuming empty calories.

At the end of the segment, the doctor advised that people exercise for 35-45 minutes 3-4 times per week to stay at their healthiest… done & done!

Ok, enough rambling… 🙂

Nothing too exciting in the “eats” department today! Remember… I’m a creature of habit!

I had to be at the apartment for a good portion of the afternoon (for the furniture fiasco!) Before I left the house, I enjoyed an English muffin with a tiny bit of butter & jelly, & topped with Chia seeds. On the side, a Chobani.

English muffin    English muffin

Pineapple... yum!       Ch-ch-ch-chia

I spent my afternoon unpacking, organizing, breaking down boxes, then did a whole lot of  waiting around. The whole waiting thing wouldn’t be so bad if we had cable & internet, but that’s not getting set up until Friday; so yes, it was rough!

However, things are starting to come together! And it’s finally time to relax! 🙂

Tell me… What are your thoughts on the concept of “skinny fat”?

Happy 4th!

4 Jul

Happy 4th of July!!!

I hope everyone had an enjoyable holiday!

Since my family celebration was yesterday, today was dedicated, for the most part, to unpacking in the new apartment.

First, I started my morning at the gym.

Today’s Workout

  • Arc trainer, 15 minutes
  • Incline walking, 20 minutes
  • Bicycle, 15 minutes

After the gym, I headed straight over to my apartment. (A big bonus to the new place is that it’s about a 3 minute drive to the gym!)

Here’s what I was greeted with…

Boxes! More boxes!

It was time to get crackin’! Before attempting the boxes, I cleaned up our living room furniture, then took a break for lunch. Because we have zero food in our new place, I packed something from “home”!

LunchI had a peanut butter & jelly sandwich on a bagel thin, plus some leftover fruit salad and a mango Chobani… quick, simple, & tasty!

I worked at the apartment for a few hours & got most of the kitchen packed away. I cleared out all of the boxes from picture #1 above! Yay! 🙂

I took this picture during the unpacking process & texted it to Chris…

Pyrex!Holy bake ware! It made me excited to start using all of this stuff though.

Eventually, I headed back home & enjoyed a simple taco dinner:

TacosI enjoyed 2 soft-shell tacos with ground beef, lettuce, tomatoes, cheese, & Greek yogurt. As we know, I love tacos!

Some (undocumented) Poke Cake served as my dessert.

Now I’m going to try to continue the productivity & check a few more items off my “to do” list!

Have a good night! 🙂

Take It To Go

30 Jun

I’m doing things a little “backwards” from my normal routine today! So far this summer I’ve been trying to go the gym first thing in the morning, but I decided I’m going to go to my “normal” BodyPump class this evening (the one I take during the school year).

I had a few errands to take care of this afternoon & would be out between breakfast & lunch. I wanted a little something to hold me over until I’d be back for lunch, so I whipped up a smoothie… to go!

I picked up raspberries at Trader Joe’s this weekend, & had been thinking up a raspberry-chocolate smoothie in my mind for the past few days.

Raspberry-Chocolate Smoothie

  • 1/2 very ripe banana
  • Handful of raspberries
  • About 1/2 c. plain Chobani
  • About 1 tsp. cocoa powder (I used Hershey’s)
  • Splash of skim milk to get everything moving
  • 2 packets Splenda (I added these after doing a taste-test & realizing the smoothie was a tad too tart.)

Combine all ingredients & blend!

Ready to blend!     I poured my smoothie into my to-go tumbler & sprinkled a few chia seeds on top! This baby was dunzo by the time I reached my first stop!

Chias    Ready to go!

When I returned from my errands, I whipped up a quick lunch. I made a turkey sandwich on a sandwich thin, with a slice of American cheese & tomato. You may recognize one of my staplesSmartfood white cheddar popcorn! I also enjoyed my favorite flavor of Chobani – strawberry banana!


I haven’t mentioned this on the blog yet, but Chris & I are getting ready to move into our new apartment. Currently, we both live with our parents & we won’t actually be living in the apartment until after our wedding. I had my own place last year, but have been living at home for the last 10 months or so to save up some money! We get to pick up the keys tomorrow, & we’ll be working throughout July to move everything in & get set-up in our new home.

Needless to say, I’ve got some work to do in preparation for the start of the big move!

Have a great Thursday! 🙂