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Pineapple Breakfast Casserole

27 Aug

My first year of teaching, I worked at a Catholic high school that had pretty much the best tradition ever! Every first Friday of the month, the PTO would put together an incredible breakfast spread for the teachers to enjoy before starting the day. I still think about these breakfasts – 3 years later – & wonder if anyone would notice if I snuck back for a first Friday every now & then? 😉

That same year of teaching, during “Teacher Appreciation Week,” the faculty was given a mini recipe book filled with some “first Friday favorites.”

I’ve been hanging onto these recipes for a while now, & finally tried one out this week!

Pineapple Breakfast Casserole


  • 3/4 c. sugar
  • 1/4 c. (1/2 stick) of softened butter
  • 1/4 c. milk
  • 2 eggs
  • 2 c. cubed bread
  • 1 16 oz. can crushed pineapple with juices (I’m pretty sure I used a 20 oz. can!)
  • 1/8 tsp. vanilla


  • Preheat oven to 350*.
  • Bring all ingredients to room temperature before making.
  • Combine sugar, butter, milk & eggs. Beat with a mixer.

I was especially excited because this recipe gave me the opportunity to break out my new (pink!) KitchenAid stand mixer!

  • Add the cubed bread, pineapple with juice, & vanilla. By hand, with a spatula, blend carefully.

  • Bake in a 1 quart, greased casserole dish. (Unfortunately, the recipe didn’t indicated how long to bake for! I had mine in the oven for about 30 minutes, but I think a little longer might have been better!)
  • Serve warm! 🙂

I enjoyed my serving (what’s pictured, x2) with a side of iced coffee.

Please tell me the “Bride” tumbler is still appropriate even though I’m no longer a bride!

My favorite part about this dish? There are plenty of leftovers! 🙂

Do you prefer sweet or savory breakfasts? I love sweets (& this recipe is definitely sweet!) but every now & then I’ll be craving something a little more savory in the morning. It all depends!


I Can Eat

27 Jul

I’m going to share with you all a wonderful little place nestled in the fields of Lancaster County, PA — Shady Maple; more specifically, the “Smorgasbord.” Yes, I ate breakfast at a place with the word “smorgasbord” in the name, so you know you’re in for a treat! 🙂

You can read a little about Shady Maple by clicking the link above, but to sum up, it’s pretty much a giant all-you-can-eat buffet filled with some of the most delicious food I’ve ever tasted! I’ve only gone for their breakfast buffet, but they are open for lunch & dinner, too!

Shady Maple(source)

I went with my dad this morning, & it was just under $20 for the two of us to get our grub on!

My first stop is always the pancake grill! This place is not healthy; how do I know? Well the worker spraying the griddle with Crisco before plopping down the magical pancake batter was a dead giveaway! 😉

I went with a blueberry pancake & added some syrup & a tiny sprinkle of powdered sugar:

Blueberry pancakeNext, it was time to hit the real buffet (or I guess I should call it the “smorgasbord”).

Breakfast buffet(source)

Here’s what my second plate looked like:

Plate of yummy food!

Clockwise from top left… baked French toast, 2 slices of bacon, turkey sausage with cheese in the middle (ohmygoodness), baked oatmeal, & some sort of hash brown bake.

Proof that I can put away a serious amount of food in one sitting! 🙂

I also enjoyed a mug of coffee, & went back for a bowl of fruit to end my meal with something light:

Fresh fruit

After I came home (& digested for quite a while) I hit the gym. This blog is supposed to be about balance, right? So I had to balance out the ginormous breakfast I ate with some time on the elliptical… no biggie!

Do you have a place like Shady Maple where you live? I’ve haven’t been to many buffet-style restaurants where the food is good, but this place is the exception!

Sister Knows Best

26 Jul

So here we are folks…

SAMSUNG            My mom made me this countdown calendar almost a year ago! I can’t believe the number has dwindled down from 365 to 11! 11! Seriously… 11 days!!!


This morning I headed to the gym bright & early for the 6:00AM BodyPump class. I stayed for a quick 15 minutes on the elliptical before my growling stomach told me it was time to head home. I even made it all the way home today without a stop at DD for an iced coffee… I’m trying to break the habit.

My sister had been raving about one of her “go to” breakfasts recently… a bagel thin + peanut butter + banana + chia seeds + honey! I’d seen similar breakfasts floating around the blog world & decided to give it a try, especially since I had my new peanut butter!

Well, now I see what my sister was talking about! I toasted up a bagel thin, added pb, sliced banana, chia seeds, & a drizzle of honey… yum! And so simple, too! I enjoyed it with a mug of hot coffee for a change!

SAMSUNG            SAMSUNG            SAMSUNG

My afternoon was spent doing a little wedding crafting, then running more errands (like dropping my engagement ring off to get “re-conditioned”!), & finally a stop at the apartment to drop off some clothing.


When I returned home, I needed an afternoon “pick me up” & decided to try out the Single Serving Peanut Butter Cookies posted on Chocolate Covered Katie today!

I followed this recipe exactly, but quickly discovered that we were out of applesauce! I know applesauce is usually the “stand in” for oil in recipes, but I figured since such a small amount was called for in the recipe (1 tsp.) I could substitute something of a similar consistency. Enter…


Snack Pack!

I remembered I had some leftover pudding from Chris’s birthday cupcakes & figured that would do. Ok, I know these probably don’t have the best nutritionals, but a girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do to get her cookie fix! 😉

I ended up getting 2 cookies out of the recipe & ate one hot out of the oven! I saved the other for my mom; she did make me that wedding countdown calendar after all! 😉

SAMSUNG            SAMSUNG            I’ll leave you with your daily dose of dog! Stewie is obsessed with belly rubs, as evidenced below! And Tobey… well if you can’t tell by the look of guilt on his face, he was caught somewhere he wasn’t supposed to be! 🙂

SAMSUNG            SAMSUNG            SAMSUNG

Do you have a “go to” breakfast? It’s always so tough for me to break from my normal routine, but as the post title says, “sister knows best” & I really enjoyed today’s breakfast!

An Important Errand

25 Jul

I feel like every post from here until August 6th could be titled “important errand,” & it would be an accurate description of the post! All of those little things that we said “Oh we’ll do that later,” or “That’s a ‘last minute’ thing,” need to be taken care of – now!

Before I ran today’s “important errand,” I woke up & headed to the gym. I had a rather indulgent weekend – attending a wedding, going out to dinner, & enjoying takeout – so I wanted to get back into my normal routine first thing this morning.

When I got home from the gym, I whipped up some cherry-chocolate-walnut oats! I included the  same ingredients that I used in last week’s oats, but I added in some cherries.  Cait always makes the most delicious-looking breakfasts with cherries, so she definitely inspired this breakfast! I quickly “chopped” the cherries so I wouldn’t have to deal with the pits as I was eating; can’t have anything slowing me down during feeding time! 😉

Chopped cherries Toppings

I added chopped walnuts, mini chocolate chips, & chia seeds. I also enjoyed a Dunkin Donuts iced coffee on the side (seriously, someone enroll me in a 12-step program – stat!).

Close-up My obsession

Before I left for my “important errand,” I enjoyed BFL – breakfast for lunch. I didn’t snap any photos, because it was filled with my usuals.

I was all set to go & headed to Weaver Nut Company in Ephrata, PA (about a 40 minute drive for me). I had a very serious quantity of bulk candy to pick up! If you’ve planned a wedding recently, you might have some guesses as to what all of this candy is for!

Of course, it started down-pouring as soon as I arrived for my pick up, & continued to storm as I ran into the warehouse, then the retail shop, & my entire drive home… delightful!

Ominous sky!This place is the stuff SkinnyRunner’s dreams are made of:

Candy, candy, & more candy

After I weighed my car down with 30+ pounds of candy, it was time to head home. Luckily though, before I left, I spotted homemade organic peanut butter & grabbed some to add to my purchase! (I figured I deserved a little treat after driving there & back in a monsoon.)

I made it home, & unloaded my purchases:

Candy!Then it was time to dig into the peanut butter! I stopped myself from consuming the entire container by the spoonful & made a quick snack:

Homemade pb!  Delicious! Snack time Now, it’s time to work on some more wedding tasks & stuff for school. I’ll leave you with a few pictures of Stewie because, well, why wouldn’t you want to look at pictures of him?!

Close... Closer...

Closest!What’s your favorite kind of candy? I have to go with gummy sharks! (Do you all know what I’m talking about?) There may, or may not, be gummy sharks in some of those bags! 😉

Easy Eats

20 Jul

We’re half-way through the week (& 17 days from the wedding, in case you’re wondering ;-))!

I’m going to share with you two different “easy eats” I enjoyed today!

First thing this morning, I headed to the gym & completed 45 minutes on the elliptical that looked very similar to Monday’s workout.

When I came home, it was time to get crackin’ on breakfast. I decided to whip up some chocolate chip oatmeal! First, I cooked the oatmeal in milk.

Cooking After about 5 minutes, I added in the following mix-ins:

  • Chopped walnuts
  • Mini chocolate chips
  • Chia seeds

Ingredients Toppings

The mini chocolate chips started melting into the oatmeal & tasted delicious!

Close-up I want more!

After getting ready to run some errands (what I do pretty much every day!) I decided to blend up a quick smoothie to take with me on the road.

I blended together:

  • 1/2 a banana
  • About 3/4 c. frozen pineapples
  • About 1/2-3/4 c. plain Chobani
  • Splash of milk

Pineapples Blended Smoothie time

I loved the banana/pineapple flavor combo; very refreshing in the oppressive heat we’ve been experiencing here in PA!

My first errand was to pick up our ceremony program covers from our graphic designer, Kristin! Kristin has put together beautiful invitations & other extras for our wedding, & I’ll definitely be showing off some of her work after the big day!

Next, it was over to the apartment to continue the never-ending set-up! I think I’m finally seeing the light at the end of the tunnel! Next up is to start moving some of my clothes there. Look! I finally got some of those decorations hung:

Decor And with that, it’s off to relax for a bit & get ready for my second dress fitting at Kleinfelds tomorrow afternoon! Have a great night! 🙂

What’s your favorite oatmeal mix-in? OR What’s your favorite breakfast?

Making Progress

10 Jul

Nothing too exciting to report here for my Sunday activities, but I’ll report nonetheless! 😉

Breakfast this morning was a tasty one… French toast!

Yum! Topped with some syrup & powdered sugar… perfection!

Sunday mornings always include church, so that was next on the agenda.

The rest of the afternoon was spent with Chris in our new place. We’re really making progress! We purchased some curtains on Friday night, & it was time to get hanging! Almost all of them are up… we got the bedroom, kitchen, & bathroom done & now we just need to take care of the living room & it’s one more thing to cross of our “to-do” list! 😀

Bathroom Voila! This is in our bathroom; we didn’t need much, just a little something to add some decoration!

Perhaps I’ll do a grand tour of the place when all is said & done?

This is the next thing that awaits us…

Artwork Decorations!

I’m glad we’re onto the fun stuff now, because to be honest putting the kitchen together last week was a draaaaag!

When I got home, I discovered my parents had ordered pizza for dinner! 🙂 Pizza is perhaps my favorite food & usually my answer to the question “What would you pick if you could only eat one thing for the rest of your life?” Bread, cheese, sauce, what’s not to love?!

Best food ever! Now I’m off to tackle more of my “to do” list before relaxing for the evening. For some ungodly reason, my car is scheduled for it’s first check-up tomorrow at 7:30 AM so I’ll have to call it an early one tonight!

Two Questions…

What’s your answer to the “one food for the rest of your life” question?

What’s your favorite kind of pizza?

The Waiting Game

8 Jul

I’ve become very good at waiting this week!

First, there was the furniture fiasco, which, by the way, has all been squared away! That required two days of me pretty much hanging out in the new apartment, waiting for time to pass.

Today, I had to wait for the cable & internet guy to come get us all set up. Thinking back, it would have been wise to get the cable & internet set up first to make the other waiting a little more bearable! Live & learn! 😉

Before heading to the apartment this morning, I made a quick pit stop at Target. I love Target & have convinced myself that there is some sort of hidden vortex at the store entrance that sucks you in & doesn’t allow you to leave without spending at least $20!

After purchasing my goods (yes, over $20 worth, so I was free to go!) I picked up an iced coffee at Starbucks.

Because neither Chris or I are really living in our apartment yet, we have no food & I need to pack my breakfast & lunch from home!

I enjoyed the iced coffee with a Thomas’ Cinnamon-Raisin English Muffin & a banana. It hit the spot!

Breakfast      Breakfast

I had a little more unpacking/dishwashing/laundry to do today, but we are pretty settled in. Now, onto the “cosmetic” stuff – curtains, wall decor, etc. And we need a new desk, too!

I spent a good portion of the afternoon organizing all of my school documents on my computer! I’m usually a pretty organized person, but things get out of control during the school year & I created quite a mess for myself!

I took a break for lunch & enjoyed pizza leftovers! My mom went out to dinner at a restaurant called Austin’s last night, & brought me back a personal flatbread pizza. I chose the Roasted Tomato & Basil – Thin crisp pizza brushed with garlic, topped with mozzarella cheese, tomatoes & basil.

Pizza Leftovers

Because I had quite a few samplings of yesterday’s “cookies,” I didn’t have much of an appetite for the pizza in the evening, which ended up being a good thing because the leftovers were pretty delish.

Eventually the cable/internet guy came, got us up & running, & I was free to go home to my little pug!

Stewie   Not quite sure what’s on the agenda for tonight, but relaxing sounds pretty good to me! Enjoy the start of your weekend! 🙂

Two Questions…

Leftovers – love ‘em or leave ‘em? I love leftovers! Easy, convenient, & sometimes even tastier the second time around!

Are you a patient person? I definitely am not!

Ladies Who Brunch

2 Jul

Sorry for the lack of posting yesterday! Just a quick recap… I hit the gym early (around 6:00AM… yikes!) for a quick workout. I needed to be quick, because I had a dentist appointment later in the morning (no cavities! :-)) & then I got to pick up the keys to the new apartment! I moved some things in on my own for a few hours, ran a few errands, then returned home to work on some stuff for school! Phew… it was busy!

In the evening I enjoyed a yummy pizza dinner & some furniture shopping with Chris & my parents.

Now, onto the good stuff!


In lieu of a “traditional” bachelorette party, I decided I’d like to do a nice brunch with my family & wedding party (even though a few members couldn’t make it).

The day began with brunch at 10 Arts Bistro & Lounge by Eric Ripert located in The Ritz-Carlton, Philadelphia!


I was particularly excited for this brunch, because this is where Jen Carroll, of Top Chef fame, works! Sadly, she wasn’t working that early in the morning, but we still had a delicious meal!

Everything on the breakfast menu looked awesome, so it was difficult to decide. I went with the Crispy Belgian Wafflewith assorted berries, whipped cream, & chocolate-peanut butter sauce!

Yum! It was a-maz-ing! I only wish there were more chocolate-peanut butter sauce, preferably for me to drink by the glass! 😉

Group shot     After brunch, we headed to the Nail Bar for manicures & pedicures… such a fun time!

My sister lives in Manayunk (right outside of Philly), & when we arrived back from the city, my mom, sister, & I decided to try out a new frozen yogurt place, Whirled Peace. My mom & sister had been there before, but I was a first-timer! I loaded up my cup with red velvet & vanilla frozen yogurt, topped with strawberries, sprinkles, & Reeses!

Fro yo!It was a great ending to a great day!

I just finished working on a fruit salad for a family picnic tomorrow, & I’m ready to crash after a long day. I’ll leave you all with this picture, because it’s just too cute to leave out:

Stewie      Stewie says “Catch ya tomorrow!” 🙂


28 Jun

I’m going to make this as short & sweet as possible, because I’ve got very important plans for today!

After my post yesterday, I hit the road. First, some wedding errands. After that was taken care of, I stopped by the Philadelphia Premium Outlets for a quick shopping trip. (If you live anywhere in southeastern PA & haven’t been to these outlets, go ASAP!) I headed directly to the LOFT outlet, because I knew I’d be able to find what I needed quickly, which I did! Before I left the outlets, I had to pick up one of these:

StarbucksA tall, caramel light frappuccino. I had been craving one, & I was going to get one no matter what!

Nothing else too eventful went down last night. I spent the rest of my afternoon working on stuff for my job:

DeskThis is what my workspace looked like… complete with pug calendar & my Ryan Howard bobble head… any other Phillies phans out there?!

This morning I woke up bright & early to get to the 6:00am BodyPump class offered by my gym. A few years ago I would never be the person at the gym at 6:00am, but my perspective has certainly changed & I wanted to get in a workout early, since the rest of my day will be pretty busy.

For breakfast, I enjoyed my favorite Thomas’ Cinnamon-Raisin English Muffin, topped with some blubarb sauce. I enjoyed a blueberry Chobani on the side, as well as an (undocumented) cup of coffee.

Breakfast Breakfast

BreakfastMy mom & I are off to Kleinfelds in NYC today for my first dress fitting! We purchased the dress on June 25, 2010 so I haven’t had it on in over a year! I can’t wait to finally try my dress on again & start the fitting process!

Have a great Tuesday! 🙂

Do you prefer to work out in the morning or evening?

I usually work out in the evening during the school year, but have so much to do this summer that I’ve been trying to get my workout in as early as possible this summer!

DD Do-Over

26 Jun

Confession: I am obsessed with love Dunkin’ Donuts veggie egg white flatbread breakfast sandwiches!

This morning, since I was too lazy to change out of my pjs & go get one, I decided to whip up my own version at home. The sandwich itself seemed easy enough to recreate, & I think my version turned out pretty good!

In the breakfast sandwich:

I simply cooked up the two egg whites, added the veggies, sprinkled some cheese on top, & voila…

Sunday's breakfast      I enjoyed my sandwich with a black cherry Chobani, & a mug of my new coffee.

Sunday's breakfast         I’m off to go get ready for church & start my day. I think I know where to find the pug if I need him… 😉

Tough life!     Do you have any healthy, go-to fast food breakfast options?