Wedding Details: Bridesmaids’ Dresses & Flowers

8 Aug

This post is the first in my Wedding Details “series.” This post was written prior to my wedding & honeymoon for readers to enjoy while Chris & I are in Disney. I’ll begin recapping our special day once we’re back & settled from our trip.

Edited to Add – Obviously, the “Wedding Details” posts didn’t go up while I was gone. Please enjoy them (more coming tomorrow!) as Chris & I settle in, & I’ll be back to “regular” blogging soon!


The bridesmaids’ dresses & flowers were two of my favorite things about the wedding. Let’s talk dresses first!

I had a total of 6 bridesmaids in my wedding – my sister, my two cousins, Chris’s sister, & two friends. I wanted a dress that was modern, different, & that everyone would really like & find flattering. My sister & I began the “hunt” together & ended up choosing two dresses for the other bridesmaids to try on; together we’d determine which of those two would look best on everyone.

I couldn’t find the exact dress that was our option #1, but this is a very similar style: Option #1.

Option #2, however, end up being our winner! I loved the ruffled collar, & it looked good on everyone. We chose “majestic” as our color (a deeper purple than the picture below).

d461%20375x534 images

                   (source)                                             (source)


For our flowers, we went with predominantly hydrangeas. Hydrangeas were a reoccurring theme for the wedding, & were incorporated into our stationary as well.

hydrangeas-where-to-plant (source)

My bouquet was a combination of blue hydrangeas, purple lisianthius, purple stock, & ivory roses. My bridesmaids carried simple bouquets of a mix of dark & light blue hydrangeas; the flower girl carried a single white hydrangea.

wedding-hydrangea-bouquet-blue Hydrangea-Bouquet-297x300

                    (source)                                                     (source)

Lastly, our centerpieces for the reception were also hydrangeas – shocker! 😉 We went with a small arrangement of three hydrangeas in a “bubble bowl” vase.


Of course I plan to do recaps when I return from the honeymoon with actual pictures from our wedding, but I hope this gives everyone a “sneak peek” into how everything came together! 🙂

What were your wedding colors or what colors would you like to use? Do you have a favorite flower? Purple is by far my favorite color, so I knew I wanted to incorporate it into our wedding. I don’t necessarily have a favorite flower, but I love the “soft” look of hydrangeas!


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