Reception Details

26 Jun

I’m excited to share with you all some of the details surrounding my wedding reception!

First up, the venue

When Chris & I first got engaged last April, this was the first thing we wanted to check off of our “to do” list. We knew we wanted a place that was a little out of the ordinary, & visited several potential venues before we found our perfect place!

The Phoenixville Foundry, located in Phoenixville, PA, is a renovated foundry, once the home of the Phoenix Iron & Steel Company.

The Foundry(source)

The building was abandoned after the steel industry declined, but was purchased in 2006 by a real estate developer.

Some more information from the Foundry’s website…

Blending old & new, a unique band of clerestory windows remain dividing the double-tiered roof structure allowing light to pour into the column free open space. Inside, there is a huge wooden cantilever crane still in its original location & thought to be the last & largest of its kind in the entire United States.”

This was exactly what we were looking for when we decided we wanted a “different” venue & we can’t wait to celebrate with our friends & family on August 6th!

Interior Interior




Next up, let’s talk food (obviously this was of high importance to me!).

There are many different catering companies that work with the Foundry. We met with two, & settled on J. Scott Catering. We were able to work with them to develop a delicious, totally customized menu. Our guests have their choice of the following for their entree:

  • Sliced beef sirloin with bourbon gorgonzola sauce
  • Chicken breast stuffed with spinach, red peppers, & feta with lemon caper sauce
  • Vegetable wellington puff pastry filled with mashed potato, summer squash, goat cheese, & topped with sautéed mushrooms

My family & I completed our tasting last August, & while everything was delicious, we all loved the vegetarian option… I think that’s what I’m going with for my meal choice, actually!

J. Scott Catering also handles the set-up of our tables & coordinates other aspects of the event. We can’t wait to see how everything comes together!


Last, the color selection…

I love purple & knew I wanted to incorporate it into our wedding colors somehow!

We ended up deciding on deep purple with a light blue. I’ve been carrying this swatch around with me for the past 14 months:

Wedding colors (I don’t know why the words came out so blurry. The colors are eggplant purple with baby blue & chambray blue.)

Purple is our main color, accented by the blue hues & ivory.

Tell me…

If you’re married, what were your wedding colors? If not, what do you imagine they’ll be?

Chris & I are off to dinner tonight to celebrate our 5 year anniversary (which is actually tomorrow). I’ll be back with a recap tomorrow morning! 🙂


2 Responses to “Reception Details”

  1. Er June 27, 2011 at 3:05 pm #

    I am glad I found your blog as I am currently planning my wedding! The venue looks stunning, and I agree, food is the most important!

  2. forthesakeofcake June 27, 2011 at 7:04 pm #

    Thanks! And congrats on your upcoming wedding! 🙂

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