Meet Chris

23 Jun

Time for you to meet the man I’ll be marrying in 44 days! 🙂

Chris & I started dating in the summer between my sophomore & junior years at the University of Delaware. Here’s a picture of us from that summer; we were just babies!

Summer 2006We continued to date throughout my remaining 2 years at UDEL. While I guess technically the relationship was “long distance,” he visited me often & I came home frequently as well. (Delaware is not too far from where I live in Pennsylvania.)

When I graduated in 2008, I came back home, found a teaching job, & we happily got to see each other much more often! Chris is a few months younger than me, & was a year behind me in school, so he graduated from Penn State in May 2009.

Me & the graduateChris works for a local landscape company, but his true passion is music. He’s in a band, Always Second Favorite, & you can find out more about them on their facebook page —> right here!

Chris Chris

We’ve been together for nearly 5 years (as of June 27!) & will celebrate our wedding day on August 6, 2011.

Engagement picture

Here are a few more pictures from our time together. Enjoy! 🙂

Spring 2007 Summer 2007 Spring 2011

Winter 2007 Winter 2010


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