The Eagle has Landed

22 Jun

Look what arrived yesterday afternoon!

My wedding dress

This may look like any old box, but inside is my wedding dress from Kleinfelds !

Almost one year ago, my mom, sister & I trekked to NYC for a day of wedding dress shopping at the home of Say Yes to the Dress. The whole experience was so fun, & my mom & I get to go back next week for my first dress fitting.

Here are some photos from last year’s trip. These were taken before I realized it’s best to pose with your arm away from your body! 😉

Mom & I Corinne & I

While I wasn’t & won’t be featured on the show, we still got to meet Randy & he consulted with my several times throughout the appointment! I was also lucky enough to meet the designer of my dress, which was such a neat experience.

While I don’t want to reveal any details about my dress, I will say that I ended up with something I did not expect. I had a pretty specific vision in my mind, but when I tried on dresses I thought I would like, they just didn’t look that great on me. I love the dress I chose, though, & can’t wait to try it on again next week!

In the meantime, these two guys are keeping a close eye on the front of the house, making sure no one tries to mess with the dress!

Tobey & Stewie

Do you watch Say Yes to the Dress? If you’re married, did you end up with the type of dress you thought you would?


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